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Looking for Live Online English Classes?

At Learnowaves, we strive to instill the important concepts and skills required for command of the English Language standards. We closely monitor each student’s learning progress and customize lessons specific to their unique needs. Learnowaves provides the thoroughness of an all-inclusive math program all from the comfort of your home.

Take our free online English test to see where your child’s English levels are and speak with a specialist to enroll them in a Englsih Personalise class today!

English Language is arguably one of the most important subjects for a student to master. As English classes focus on critical reading, writing, and communicating, the student will develop a strong foundation to promote academic success across all subjects, as well as instilling these vital literacy skills required to become successful, future members of society..

The English Language program at Learnowaves is a unique blend of online learning experiences and traditional live classroom teaching. The format allows students to engage with their teacher and fellow students from virtually anywhere – all that is required is a device with internet access. The pedagogical methods that support the curriculum are research-backed and proven to be successful. Our comprehensive program stands unique among other available platforms.

Our English Language program is customized to teach your child’s entire grade level in 6 months. The program is aligned with common core standards, and a combination of concept session followed by additional independent practice per day.

Our Methodology

personalised  learning

Personalized Attention

With one to one class, teachers guide students through coding concepts and exercises, clarify doubts and assign homework to reinforce the skills learned.

one-to-one learning

Differentiated Instruction

We strive to offer the best quality classes at an affordable cost. Small group classes are not only fun and engaging for students, but also allow us to offer up to 4 times better value for your money.

High-tech Learning

High-Tech Learning Approach

Technology plays a massive role in our program, as we are 100% online. Through integrating traditional teaching methods by using devices, applications, and the internet, students are able to connect with committed teachers and peers from around the country to engage in material and learn.