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Looking for Live Online Math Classes?

At Learnowaves, we strive to instill the important concepts and skills required for command on the mathematics questions. We closely monitor each student’s learning progress and customize lessons specific to their unique needs. Learnowaves provides the thoroughness of an all-inclusive math tutorial all from the comfort of your home.

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Math is a foundational subject that all students need command of as they grow into adults. Math is something we use every day, and a strong proficiency is an excellent prerequisite to future successes. As math classes focus on operations and algebraic thinking, operations in base 10, fractions, measurement and data, and geometry, the student will develop a strong foundation to promote academic success.

The math program at Learnowaves is a unique blend of online learning experiences and traditional live classroom teaching. The format allows students to engage with their online tutor and fellow students from virtually anywhere – all that is required is a device with internet access. The pedagogical methods that support the curriculum are research-backed and proven to be successful. Our comprehensive online classes stands unique among other available platforms.

Our online math classes is customized to teach your child’s entire grade level in 6 months. The tutorial is aligned with common core standards, and a combination of concept session followed by additional independent practice per day.

Our Methodology

student centered learning

Student-Centered Approach

Teachers and students both play an active role in the learning process. The teacher facilitates comprehension of the material while constantly and actively measuring student learning. Students are engaged and involved during the entire class session where the teacher scale their understanding through questions and discussions, and then the student demonstrates their mastery through independent practice.

oneto one learning

Differentiated Instruction

Our program is designed to meet individual student needs by maintaining small classes, one-to-one session to one-to-four students in a class. While the bulk of each session focuses on a specific concept or skill, time is allotted to address individual skill gaps and lessons are provided as necessary. This is to ensure no skill goes unaddressed as your student advances to the next grade level.


High-Tech Learning Approach

Technology plays a massive role in our program, as we are 100% online. Through integrating traditional teaching methods by using devices, applications, and the internet, students are able to connect with best tutor from india and get easy learning with help of images, videos and online content.